Buy Gold and Silver in Murrieta, CA

Murrieta has become one of the fastest growing cities in the state of California, as well as the entire country due to its verdant lands, panoramic mountain views, and wonderful location between San Diego and Los Angeles. It is between 60 and 80 miles away from each thriving metropolitan area, as well as 27.3 miles away from Camp Pendleton, one of the primary employers for residents of the town.

The history of Murrieta is centered upon Spaniard Esequial Murrieta, who visited the city and was reminded of home. He purchased 52,000 acres of land in the area and then promptly moved, never to return. The land became the property of his younger brother, Juan, who started raising sheep on the family's new land. Settlers soon followed, and the area became the home of 800 within 17 years, making it one of the largest encampments in the region.

During the early days of the 20th century, Murrieta became renowned for the Murrieta Hot Springs Resort. Train accessibility enhanced the region's tourism, but that ended when the trains stopped coming to Murrieta in 1935. For the next half a century, the unincorporated area was relatively destitute. Its fortune changed after becoming an official city in 1991. The explosive growth throughout this portion of California created new opportunities that enticed new residents to stay.

When the first census of Murrieta was performed in 2000, its citizenship was a modest 44,282. When the same calculation was made in 2010, its population had swelled to 103,466, an incredible growth of 234% in only a decade. Due to its rapidly expanding population, Murrieta claims a bustling precious metals market.

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