Colorado Rules of Gold

Colorado Rules of Gold


Are Gold and Silver Recognized as Legal Tender? - No.

Sales Tax Laws on Gold and Silver - The Colorado Department of Revenue, "retail sales of coins and precious metal bullion are exempt from sales tax. This exemption applies to state, Regional Transportation District/Scientific and Cultural Facilities District, county and state-collected local taxes."  Not all numismatic pieces are exempt. Jewelry and commemoratives remain taxable.  For specifics, find out more through the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Is Capital Gains Tax Levied on Gold and Silver? - Yes.

Do the State's Laws Allow for a State Bullion Depository? - No.

Does the State Hold Gold and Silver Reserves? - No.

Does the State Hold Physical Gold and/or Silver in Government Pension Funds? - No.

Hallenbeck Coin Gallery

711 N. Nevada Ave

Colorado Springs, CO 80907

(719) 634-3313

Founded more than 30 years ago by numismatic expert Tom Hallenbeck, Hallenbeck Coin Gallery is well-respected in Colorado Springs and beyond. They buy and sell rare coins, precious metal bullion, paper currency, foreign currency, and jewelry, as well as other precious metal items.

Staffed by experienced coin collectors who are very involved in the numismatic world, Hallenbeck Coin Gallery often works with dealers across the nation to help Colorado coin collectors find the coin they are searching for.

They offer free verbal appraisals, and are certified coin graders through NGC and PCGS. Though their full selection of coins is only available in their showroom, they do offer select pieces for sale on eBay.

Rocky Mountain Coin, Inc.

538 South Broadway

Denver, CO 80209

(800) 781-GOLD

Rocky Mountain Coin, located in Denver, opened in 1976. One of Colorado's most popular precious metal dealers, they offer rare coins, gold, silver, and platinum bullion, jewelry and watches. Periodically, Rocky Mountain holds live auctions featuring high-end rare coins. Their coin selection includes US and world coins, including raw and certified coins.

Rocky Mountain is also a leading dealer for metal detectors, for those who want to hunt for metals on their own. They offer grading, appraisal, and wish list fulfillment services, and have a reputation for friendly service and upholding high standards for the coins they carry. Their current buy prices are published on their website.

Local Gold and Silver Mints in CO

Also browse the gold and silver mints local to Colorado. Some of these mints offer retail products, while others are wholesale only.

United States Mint, Denver

320 West Colfax Avenue

Denver, CO 80204

A branch of the US Mint, the Denver mint was established in 1863 as an assay office. It opened as a mint in 1906. Today, this is the largest mint in the world, producing upwards of 50 million coins per day. The Denver Mint currently produces all denominations of circulating coins, as well as coin sets and commemorative coins authorized by the U.S. Government. Each coin produced here carries a 'D' mint mark. The Denver mint also stores gold and silver bullion to be used for coin production. The United States Mint in Denver is open for public tours.