Buy Gold and Silver in Palm Bay, FL

Palm Bay is a large city in Florida that gives residents central access to both recreation and business opportunities. A small portion of the state borders the Atlantic Ocean and the mainland area is very populous. Some of the biggest employers include Harris Corporation, Intersil, DRS Technologies, and Palm Bay Hospital. The city is also home to its fair share of coin and bullion dealers. These things, along with many more, make Palm Bay a diverse place to live that appeals to all sorts of people.

The city is divided into quadrants - Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest. Urban areas are typically found in the Northeast with rural areas in the Southwest. However, there are coin and bullion dealers found throughout Palm Bay. We've created this guide to help collectors and bullion investors know where to go to find coin shops.

The Gold & Silver Refinery

(321) 952-6900

2951 Hessey Ave, Suite #5

Palm Bay, FL 32905

Founded in 1980 by Richard De Rosa, The Gold & Silver Refinery has been in business for more than 30 years in Palm Bay. Richard is an expert in the gold and silver industry and has even appeared as a guest appraiser for the Antiques Roadshow. The Gold & Silver Refinery offers complex services, including melting old jewelry down to extract precious metals like gold and silver. You can sell almost any of your collectibles, including rare coins, jewelry, and bullion products. This is a chain store with six locations around the country.

Silver Bay Coin & Bullion Inc.

(321) 242-0205

4980 N Wickham Road, #105

Melbourne, FL 32940

Silver Bay Coin & Bullion has a broad selection of bullion bars, as well as coins. Some of their more popular options are silver and platinum American Eagles, and 10 oz gold bars. Silver Bay Coin & Bullion also sells rare coins from around the world.