Massachusetts Rules of Gold

Massachusetts Rules of Gold


Are Gold and Silver Recognized as Legal Tender? - No.

Sales Tax Laws on Gold and Silver - Massachusetts exempts the following from sales tax: rare coins of numismatic value, gold or silver bullion and coins, and gold and silver tender of any nation traded and sold according to its value as a precious metal. This exemption is detailed in Chapter 64H, Section 6 of the Massachusetts General Laws.

Is Capital Gains Tax Levied on Gold and Silver? - Yes.

Do the State's Laws Allow for a State Bullion Depository? - No.

Does the State Hold Gold and Silver Reserves? - No.

Does the State Hold Physical Gold and/or Silver in Government Pension Funds? - No.

If you are looking for gold and silver dealer or coin shops in specific cities located in state of Massachusetts be sure to check out our other local coin shop pages:

Colonial Trading Company

41 Bromfield St

Boston, MA 02108

(617) 695-1652

Located in Boston's Colonial District, this coin dealer specializes in colonial and early U.S. coinage, as well as tokens and paper currency of the same era. Their experienced staff is skilled at authenticating and appraising such coins.

Colonial also buys and sells foreign coins, bullion in gold, silver, and platinum, ancient Greek and Roman coins, vintage jewelry, and postage stamps.

Kenmore Collectibles

466 Commonwealth Ave #103

Boston, MA 02215

(617) 482-5705

Initially founded as a sports card shop, Kenmore Collectibles now offers a full-service coin shop. They sell a wide array of US and foreign coins and paper money, rare coins, and proof sets, along with silver and gold bullion. Kenmore Collectibles also buys and sells jewelry and scrap gold and silver, along with other collectibles.

Their online store offers an array of coins and collectibles; the full inventory can only be found in their showroom. They advertise Silver American Eagles for sale as low as $3.50 over spot.

Lincoln Stamp and Coin

372 Chandler Street, Suite 101

Worcester, MA 01602

(508) 755-7924

One of the oldest coin dealers in the region, Lincoln Stamp and Coin was founded in 1924. They maintain an expensive inventory of bullion, coins, and stamps, and are known for offering a wide selection of rare and high-grade coins, along with gold and silver bullion coins and US mint and proof sets.

Whether you are completing a series of state quarters, or are hunting for rare foreign coins, Lincoln Stamp and Coin has what you're looking for. They offer appraisals, and also offer jewelry, postcards, sports cards, and other collectibles. Lincoln Stamp and Coin also has an in-store silent auction board featuring more than 200 lots of coins, with auctions ending and beginning every two weeks.

Coin Exchange, Inc.

524 Allen Street

Springfield, MA 01118

(413) 732-7839

A top Springfield coin dealer, Coin Exchange, Inc. is a small and locally-owned shop offering a wide selection of coins and bullion for sale. Their current buy and sell prices are available over the phone.

Coin Exchange, Inc. buys and sells with individual clients, as well as dealers. Potential customers can visit their storefront to view current inventory and negotiate pricing.

Beantown Coins

180 Old Colony Ave

Quincy, MA 02170

(617) 386-0185

Founded in 1975, Beantown Coins is among the Boston area's top coin dealers. They are active on Facebook and Twitter, often offering online coupons and deals, and many of their coins can be found on eBay and through their website. The inventory includes US and foreign coins, high-grade rare coins, and gold and silver bullion. Beantown specializes in rare and historical U.S. coinage, such as Barber half dollars, Morgan silver dollars, and buffalo nickels. They also buy coins, bullion, and gold jewelry.