Buy Gold and Silver in Manchester, NH

When New Hampshire split from Massachusetts in 1741 to become its own state, the area that is now Manchester became known as Derryfield for several decades. However, one man had a very specific vision for the region: to replicate England's very first industrial city here in the states. Thus, "the Manchester of America" was born, bringing with it a revolution of industry and innovation. Cotton mills and textile factories arose all over the area, creating jobs and opportunities for thousands of residents. Manchester hasn't stopped growing since.

Today, although it is the largest city in New Hampshire, as well as northern New England as a whole, it enjoys status as one of the United States' most affordable and beneficial cities to live and start a business in. Manchester's reputation attracts all sorts of businesses, including many reputable coin and precious metal dealers.

Coin & Stamp Shop

(800) 499-2440 or (603) 624-4400

300 Granite St.

Manchester, NH 03102

Manchester's Coin & Stamp Shop offers customers an impressive inventory of rare coins and gold and silver bullion. Its coin selection is varied, containing proof and mint sets from 1966 to 2013, new coin releases, and paper currency collections. At the Coin & Stamp Shop, you can find Liberty Half Dollars, Buffalo Nickels, Indian Head coins, and brand new American Silver Eagles.

This shop is a particularly great stop for beginning collectors as it offers coin and paper currency starter collections at competitive prices. Customers will also find a large selection of rare stamps, antique cameras, and discounted metal detectors.

Bob's Coins of Manchester

(800) 300-7785 or (603) 669-7775

378 Kelley Street

Manchester, NH 03102

Bob's Coins of Manchester has been in business for more than 40 years, providing its customers with unbeatable service under the direction of Bob Lavoie, a lifelong coin collector and resident of Manchester. Collectors will feel at ease with Bob's expertise and dedication to honesty and integrity, the ingredients that have kept him in good standing with the community for so long.

Bob's Coins boasts a wide selection of rare coins, from half cents to double eagles, as well as gold and silver bullion. It also sells coin supplies, antique pocket watches, and vintage sports cards.

Brunelle Stamps and Coins

(603) 432-2658 or (603) 965-2844

25 E Broadway

Derry, NH 03038

Owned and operated by avid collectors, Brunelle Stamps and Coins has been located in the same storefront for more than 30 years. The shop proudly serves the Manchester area with a large collection of rare, common, and even ancient coins, including mint and proof sets, graded coins, Austrian silver, and error coins.

The shop also sells coin supplies such as books, albums, and display cases. Brunelle Stamps and Coins will gladly appraise your collection if you're curious about its value. Its staff members will guide you in choosing your next exciting purchase.

Nashua Coins & Collectibles

(855) 287-2216 or (603) 718-1018

202 Main St.

Nashua, NH 00360

Nashua Coins & Collectibles has a huge selection of various items including a nice inventory of coins, both common and rare, and precious metal bullion. Buyers can find American Silver Eagles, bullion coins, 90% silver coins, U.S. Mint collections, modern commemorative coins, and many different coin series, such as Liberty gold coins and the Booker T. Washington 50-cent piece. Nashua also buys and sells estate jewelry, fine watches, and coin supplies.