Buy Gold and Silver in Wilmington, NC

A picturesque southeastern coastal city in North Carolina, Wilmington is known for its historical downtown waterfront and proximity to many popular beach destinations. Wilmington, otherwise known as "Hollywood East," is also home to Screen Gem Studios, and blockbusters and popular television programs are filmed in Wilmington every year.

Known as "Port City," due to its large port to the south, Wilmington is also a popular cultural, shopping, and vacation destination, attracting tens of thousands of tourists every year. The downtown riverfront, in particular, is home to hundreds of boutique shops, commercial outlets, and family-owned storefronts.

As a popular shopping destination in North Carolina, it's no surprise that many coin dealers and gold and silver buyers call Wilmington home. For those looking to purchase or sell gold, silver, or other precious metals in Wilmington, we have provided a detailed list of local coin dealers and gold buyers to guide our customers who may visit Wilmington.

Phil Kaufman Rare Coins

(910) 256-3899

2019 Seawind Lane

Wilmington, NC 28403

A Numismatic Guaranty Corporation dealer, Phil Kaufman Rare Coins, has been a full-service professional numismatist since 1972. Providing rare coins for collectors, potential buyers, and dealers, Phil Kaufman Rare Coins is a one-stop shop for creating, enhancing, and refining your portfolio. The business also offers appraisals, consulting, and auction representation. In addition, Phil Kaufman Rare Coins features an extensive selection of rare gold and silver bullion coins for the most discerning numismatist.

L & M Coins

(910) 612-4868

106 Elisha Drive

Wilmington, NC 28405

Whether you want to add to your collection or consolidate your portfolio, L & M Coins specializes in rare gold and silver coins from all over the world. L & M Coins enjoys a sterling reputation for its honesty, knowledgeable staff, and competitive prices. With more than 40 years in the coin business, L & M is one of the most trusted coin dealers in the region. From bullion to rare, exotic coins, L & M Coins is a premiere destination for selling or buying coins.

Wilmington Silver and Gold

(910) 791-0405

4902 Market Street

Wilmington, NC 28405

One of the largest and most trusted gold and silver buyers in Wilmington, if not the region, Wilmington Silver and Gold is an actual refinery and cuts out the middlemen, which is commonly found at run-of-the-mill scrap precious metal buyers. With competitive payouts and a knowledgeable staff, the gold and silver refinery has earned an excellent reputation over the years. If you are looking to sell your gold or silver bullion, Wilmington Silver and Gold can be an excellent option in the area.