Buy Gold and Silver in Wichita Falls, TX

Wichita Falls is the largest city in Wichita County, a friendly community in northern Texas. It grew from humble beginnings, when European settlers arrived to found cattle ranches in the 1860s. The local population swelled when the Fort Worth and Denver Railway arrived in 1882, the same year that Wichita Falls took its place as the county seat of Wichita County. Entrepreneurs Joseph A. Kemp and his brother-in-law Frank Kell helped the city grow a thriving economy based around cattle, railroads, food processing, flour milling, banking, and oil.

Wichita Falls grew despite being plagued by natural disasters. A flood destroyed the original falls in 1886, and massive tornadoes in 1964 and 1979 decimated the town. However, Wichita Falls has continued to beat the odds. Today this Texas city is home to more than 104,000 residents, many of whom enjoy growing their wealth at the local gold and silver dealerships.

Wichita Falls Coin Shop

(940) 696-5889

2617 Plaza Parkway Suite 721

Wichita Falls, TX 76308

Wichita Falls Coin Shop has an extensive range of U.S. and international coins and currency, including Silver American Eagles, Jefferson Nickels, and Indian Head cents. The store is helmed by Jason Davidson, a Wichita Falls local with more than 17 years of experience in numismatics. Customers have additional peace of mind knowing that this business is a member of the Professional Coin Grading Service. Wichita Falls Coin Shop is conveniently located in Century Plaza.

Beverly Coin Shop

(940) 723-1792

1503 Beverly Drive

Wichita Falls, TX 76309

Beverly Coin Shop has been a member of the Wichita Falls community since 1980. This makes the store the oldest coin dealership in Wichita Falls. It specializes in rare and valuable gold and silver coins from around the world. These collectibles are complemented by Beverly Coin Shop's range of bullion bars and jewelry, including diamond pieces.

Cash N More Pawn & Jewelry

(940) 767-5626

3910 Old Jacksboro Highway

Wichita Falls, TX 76302

Husband and wife team Michael and Brandi Morris, established Cash N More Pawn & Jewelry in Wichita Falls in 2001. The couple has more than 20 years of experience in the pawn industry, which they use to provide their customers with friendly service and a diverse product range. Coin collectors will find boxed silver eagle dollars and 24k gold coins amongst other items.

City Jewelry & Loan Co.

(940) 723-7842

3808 Old Jacksboro Highway

Wichita Falls, TX 76302

City Jewelry & Loan Co. is a trusted pawn shop conveniently located on busy Old Jacksboro Highway. The owners happily buy and sell anything of value, including gold and silver, electronic appliances, power tools, musical instruments, ATVs, motorcycles, and much more.