Wyoming Rules of Gold

Wyoming Rules of Gold


Are Gold and Silver Recognized as Legal Tender? - Almost. With the 2018 passage of House Bill 103, Wyoming is on its way toward treating gold and silver coins and bullion as tender in payment of debt. Wyoming just needs to require state courts to enforce gold and silver clause contracts similar to Oklahoma's SB 862 and Utah's HB 157.

Sales Tax Laws on Gold and SilverHouse Bill 103 states that no specie or legal tender should be characterized as personal property subject to taxation, and that no exchange from one type of legal tender to another shall be subject to any tax liability. Specie is defined essentially as coin having gold or silver content; or refined gold and silver bullion which is coined, stamped or imprinted with its weight and purity and valued primarily based on its metal content and not its form." Specie legal tender is defined as "specie coin issued by the United States government at any time; specie coin issued by any foreign government at any time; any other specie that a federal court of competent jurisdiction, by final and unappealable order, rules to be within state authority to make or designate as legal tender."

Is Capital Gains Tax Levied on Gold and Silver? - No, as Wyoming does not impose a state income tax on its citizens.

Do the State's Laws Allow for a State Bullion Depository? - No.

Does the State Hold Gold and Silver Reserves? - No.

Does the State Hold Physical Gold and/or Silver in Government Pension Funds? - No.

Wyoming Precious Metals

P.O. Box 661

Torrington, WY 82240

(307) 532-6354

Wyoming Precious Metals carries gold, silver, and collectible coins. Their coin selection is primarily focused on 90% silver US coins. Their inventory includes silver bars, Morgan and Peace silver dollars, Gold coins, gold bars, quarters, dimes, and half-dollars. Wyoming Precious Metals believes that every client should hold a portion of their wealth in precious metals, regardless of the amount they have. As a result, the focus here is on precious metals, rather than collectibility. Note that the Wyoming Precious Metals shop is open by appointment only.

The Coin Shop

510 W. Lincoln Way
Cheyenne, WY 82001
(307) 778-7196

Though they have little internet presence, The Coin Shop is renowned as one of Cheyenne’s top coin dealers. They buy, sell, and trade U.S. and foreign coins, as well as gold and silver bars, American Eagle coins, and other forms of bullion. The Coin Shop specializes in U.S. coins from early to modern. This U.S. Mint authorized dealer also offers appraisals and coin collecting supplies, and buys gold scrap and jewelry. The Coin Shop has served Cheyenne coin collectors for over three decades, making it the area’s oldest coin shop.

C. C. Coins

169 S. Wolcott

Casper, WY 82602

(307) 251-8957 

An NGC Authorized dealer, C.C. Coins carries gold, silver, platinum, and rare coins. This small shop has no internet presence, but is known throughout the local area for appraising, buying, and selling U.S. coins. They are particularly well-regarded for their selection of cents, Morgan and Peace silver dollars, and error coins. They also assist collectors with grading submission services and can help collectors build registry sets.

D & J Coins

194 North Main

Sheridan, WY 82801

(307) 672-2177

D & J coins, a PCGS and NGC authorized dealer, buys and sells a wide range of coins. They specialize in ancient coins, colonial and U.S. coins, and bullion. Their selection includes American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, silver dollars, Engelhard silver bars, and other forms of gold and silver.

Though they have no online presence, D & J Coins- a member of the ANA - is well-regarded throughout the local area. They also provide grading submission services and appraisals and can help collectors building a registry set.

Cheyenne Coins

1809 Warren Avenue

Cheyenne, WY 82006

(307) 632-2230

A Life Member of the American Numismatic Association, Cheyenne Coins specializes in U.S. coins. They carry certified and raw coins, proof and mint sets, dimes and quarters, and silver dollars, as well as a smaller selection of foreign coins. Many of Cheyenne's coins can be purchased through their website, though new inventory is added monthly; the complete selection can only be seen in person. Cheyenne Coins also offers gift certificates.

Frontier Coin & Supply

1104 Logan Ave.

Cheyenne, WY 82001

(307) 426-4237

Frontier Coin carries U.S. and world coins and currency, as well as coin collecting supplies. They purchase gold and silver jewelry, bullion, and coin collections. They currently have little internet presence, and are fairly new to Cheyenne, but this small shop is quickly becoming one of the area's top coin dealers.